Week One Workouts = Complete!

Well, its official! I have completed week one’s workout schedule. I’m not going to say that I have completed week one, because I have three rest days to go until week two begins, and I truly believe that good nutrition and staying on my food plan will be the key to great results. So, while I wont’t be challenged in the gym over the next few days, I will be challenged in the kitchen.

When I started this program four days ago, I was a little apprehensive. Not only was I worried about the no cardio rule (which I totally understand now, by the way), but I was nervous that I wouldn’t be challenged enough.

This summer, I did a weight training program that looked somewhat similar to phase one of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit. I would do weights at lunchtime and cardio at night, or vice versa. The thought of only doing a weight schedule similar to what I did in the summer scared me. I was worried I wouldn’t be getting enough.

My mind was quickly changed during my last set of push ups on day one. My triceps and chest were SO sore that the only way I (weakly) got through the sets was by putting on Work B*tch by Britney Spears. That song can get me through anything!

When I got into the car after my workout, I was so fatigued that I struggled to put on my seatbelt. I am somebody who worked out six days a week prior to starting this program, and day one was a killer!

Days two, three and four brought similar feelings as day one. The workouts are SHORT, and I feel a little strange leaving the gym so soon after I get there, but to be honest… I’m kinda too tired to really, really think about it when I’m done!

I am sore. To be honest, I am currently sitting in a bath of epsom salts while I write this post. Its THAT serious. I can’t wait to get stronger and sorer as the weeks roll on!

The nutrition piece of this plan has perhaps been the most surprising thus far. As you likely know by now, I LOVE to eat. And I love to eat bread and cheese.

I was really worried about how I would handle being on such a strict, scheduled diet… But to be honest, it hasn’t been that bad!

On day one I was so full I thought I was going to die. On day two, I woke up hungry for perhaps the first time in my entire life. Seriously. I normally don’t eat breakfast until 10 or 11 o’clock.

On Tuesday I ate according to plan until I got busy at work and skipped my mid-afternoon snack. Big mistake.

By 5 o’clock I was having visions of Pizza Hut. It was kind of like being in the desert and seeing a mirage of water because you’re so thirsty. All I could think about was carbs and cheese and stuffing something amazing into my face. But, I resisted the urge and forced myself to really think about what my body was telling me… it was HANGRY. And so, another lesson was learned. Hunger equals cravings, cravings equal bad and bad choices equal failure. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will not be skipping snack time again anytime soon, no matter how busy I get.

I have also been very surprised by how much I have been enjoying the food on this plan. Almost every meal is absolutely delicious and I can’t believe how good it tastes. It tastes even better because I know it’s doing amazing things for my body.

I highly, highly, highly recommend trying Jamie Eason’s lean turkey muffins… in other words, meatballs. They are beyond major and I could probably live off of them for the rest of my life. Her carrot cake inspired protein bars are also pretty good. I have also been having a ton of luck with spaghetti squash experiments that I’ve made. When I create one that I’m obsessed with, I’ll try to remember how I did it and share it with you!

And of course, this blog post would not be complete without a confession.

Here it goes…

Tonight I ate a sliver, and I mean SLIVER (probably half of a bite) of chocolate cake… with no frosting!

Right now, I’m hormonal and I had a moment of weakness. I will definitely be googling tips and recommendations of how to get through those types of cravings in the future; surely there is a clean and healthy substitute!

I’m not going to get upset over eating half of a bite of chocolate cake. I am human, I am trying, and I know I’m going to mess up again. It’s just reality. And its exactly why I am not having planned cheat days or cheat meals… Combine planned cheats with slipups and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

So the biggest lessons learned this week are: just lifting weights is okay, eating clean can be amazingly amazing, I crave pizza hut when I get hungry, your metabolism can rev up in as little as two days, sugar withdrawal is NO fun, blogging in the bath is all kinds of fun, epsom salts are a lifesafer, and finally… I CAN DO THIS!

Until next time… Xo

PS: as much as I can believe it, I also totally can’t believe Justin Bieber was in jail today… AND THAT MUGSHOT!

PPS: do you think Selena Gomez is currently listening to a “ha ha I am so much better than my ex and totally won this break up” playlist right now, or one that’s more like, “oh my god i still love you and want to save you” playlist?



  1. Great ideal to blog to hold yourself accountable Jilly!!! If only I could find the motivation to start training for my half in May… (just ate half a bag of smart food. Wedding bod = screwed).

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